June 22, 2024

Photo by Staten Island Advance/Jason Paderon

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A nonprofit management professional, David McGoy has worked with many executive directors in his career. But he never wanted to be an executive director himself — until now.

The Livingston resident has been unanimously voted in as interim executive director of Sandy Ground, the nation’s oldest free Black settlement still inhabited by descendants of its pioneers, which is located in the heart of Rossville.

“I think [Sandy Ground] is the one thing that really gives me the motivation to be an executive director because of what Sandy Ground means to Staten Island. It’s personally meaningful, and it also means a lot to a lot of people here,” he said.

“I work a lot with organizations that are in transition. They’re bringing people like me in because they’re struggling, so I don’t feel daunted by the challenges,” McGoy added.
Those challenges include raising funds to revitalize the Sandy Ground Historical Society Board, rebuild its uninhabitable, mold-infested museum, and bring the rich culture back to this historic community founded in the 1820s by free Black gardeners for generations to come.

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