June 22, 2024


Rebuilding Sandy Ground journalistic initiative:

Photo by Jason Paderon/Staten Island Advance

Who will step up in fight to save our nation’s oldest free Black settlement?

Ravages of time, development, and great fire of ‘63 have left Sandy Ground hanging by a thread | Then & Now

The Great Fire of 1963 was disastrous for Sandy Ground; the ensuing blows continued the devastation

‘Of course’: Firm with historic ties to Sandy Ground will fix its plumbing issues

Sandy Ground descendant recalls gatherings with ‘great food, a lot of laughs and a million hugs’

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St. Patrick’s Parade/Pride Advocacy Project

Photo by Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma-Hammel

‘You can’t compare LGBTQ+ people with hate groups’; tensions flare over Staten Island St. Patrick’s Parade at CB1 meeting

We asked, you answered: Here’s what Staten Islanders had to say about LGBTQ+ exclusion from the borough’s St. Pat’s Parade

How words of St. Pat’s Parade organizers from 2001 clash with today’s exclusion of LGBTQ+ groups

While St. Patrick’s Day is over, spotlight remains on LGBTQ+ issue; should groups be allowed to march?

‘It’s not over’: Staten Island Pride Center vows to fight for St. Patrick’s Parade inclusion

Bronx St. Patrick’s parade to include LGBTQ group for the first time: ‘We all wish it didn’t take us this long’

St. Patrick’s Parade is ‘a struggle for belonging’ — here’s why LGBTQ groups have been losing that struggle

LGBTQ+ groups to NYC: Defund the S.I. St. Patrick’s Parade until organizers ‘stop discriminating’

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New York Wheel:

Tracey Porpora was the lead reporter covering the rise and fall of the New York Wheel, proposed for the St. George waterfront on Staten Island. She has penned more than 150 stories on the topic.
This led to an award for distinguished beat reporting by the New York News Publishers Association.
Tracey exclusively reported the project was dead in October before any other media wrote about the Wheel’s downfall.

Live Interviews:

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On a Personal note…

Why should you get a mammography? It saved my life; it could save yours

A vacation nightmare: How I got robbed in Italy

New Businesses In Focus Columns

Viral TikTok video is drawing customers from across NYC to this new S.I. chocolate shop

‘I have always been strong’: Single mom who battled breast cancer during pandemic opens new real estate office

Former Mother Mousse cake designer launches ‘creepy but cute’ art business

After growing up in the real estate business, well-known NYC Realtor launches his own agency

NYC business brings Santa, the Easter Bunny and bagels right to your door

Pandemic spurs nurse practitioner to open NYC wellness center offering IV drips

Self-made entrepreneur opens NYC driving school catering to adults on Staten Island

Launched from his grandparents’ garage, 20-year-old finds success crafting wooden U.S. flags

Fulfilling a long-held dream, 28-year-old opens new NYC pediatric occupational therapy center

‘I owe it to my childhood’: 20-year-old acquires license to create Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo collectibles